Ready To Become A Subconscious Mind Expert and Certified Coach?

Now you can get a clear training on how to help yourself and others break out of subconscious limitations and into a life of freedom, abundance, inner peace, and joy.

 In this training, you don't just learn modalities off of a video - you witness them live and experience them for yourself. And not only are you investing in an invaluable skillset, you're investing in your own healing and transformation as well. 

Led by Heartled Leaedrs CEOs and Co-founders of this training, Monica Adams and Sarah Cirigliano.

Training start date: 2/2/2021


Who this training is for...


Devoted Students

Want to break through to the next level in your personal life or career while connecting to a tribe of incredible people?

You can expect to breakthrough your subconscious limitations in this training. Plus you'll feel beautifully fulfilled as you help others do the same!

Amazing Facilitators

Yoga instructors, men's/women's circle facilitators, coaches, breathwork trainers, sound healers, fitness trainers, new earth wayshowers who want to learn powerful modalities to guide life-changing transformations in as little as 30 minutes. 

Heartled Leaders

Anyone ready to breakthrough limitations to rise into their highest version of heart-led service.

It takes more than a beautiful intention to lead others to radical transformations. It takes proven strategies to lead people to the root of their pain and guide them in finding their unqiue way to freedom.

New Coaches

Get your certification in subconscious mind coaching. If you feel deep in your bones that you're here to help others then this is for you. Whether that's becoming a coach, guide, facilitator, healer, (or a word you make up!) we are honored to share these powerful tools with you. 


Join Our Free Summit About Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

See first hand how powerful the subconscious mind is! In this free summit you will learn how rewiring the subconscious mind is the master key that unlocks life-changing transformation.

You will also...

  • Witness the power of the subconscious real-time
  • Receive a subconscious mind reprogramming exercise
  • See how you can become a certified subconscious mind expert and coach with Heartled Leaders CEO's Monica Adams and Sarah Cirigliano.

Tuesday, January 19th, 
7:00 - 8:00 PM EST | 4:00 - 5:00 PM PST









How Most Coaches And Healers Feel...

Raphael knows deep within his bones he’s meant to uplift the collective consciousness by providing the deep transformational work necessary for humankind to be free. 

Right now, he sees that he’s doing a beautiful job serving his community- but he knows there’s more. He knows it’s possible to provide people with a deeper level of breakthrough.


On his end, he can clearly see the potential in others and can see what they need to do. Most of the time, his clients and friends can see what they need to do too, but they’re having a hard time doing it.


His heart keeps telling him, "You have people naturally relying on you as a leader because it's who you are at the core. You have influence. You have a voice, and you're here to create a massive impact. You’re doing great, but it’s time to level up and step into that Dr. Joe Dispenza type of impact.”

Raphael can now see that the reason people struggle is far beyond what workouts they do, what foods they eat, what job they have, who they're in a relationship with, or how successful their business is.

He knows how important those things are, but he can clearly see that deep pain, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks aren't caused from what’s going on in his clients' external world, they’re caused from what's buried deep within.

He believes there is a modality that will enable him to guide his clients through mindset, emotional, and spiritual blocks much quicker, but he’s not sure what it is.


Additionally, he needs to believe there's a better way to grow because when he’s honest with himself, he knows that he could use support in creating freedom his own life too.

He’s read the books, he’s done the inner work, and he logically understands that all mindset, emotional and spiritual blocks stem from the subconscious mind. But when he’s in a session, he’s not sure how to get to the subconscious mind or create breakthroughs there.

Unfortunately, Raphael's story isn't unique...

The vast majority of people who want to help others don’t know how to guide transformations because they’re in a pattern of giving advice, which is extremely draining and dangerous.

This is where most coaching or facilitation falls flat.

You can set up weekly accountability calls and you can give advice until you’re purple in the face, but the truth is - lasting transformation must always come from within the client not from an external perspective (aka a coach’s advice).

Otherwise, the client will feel like they’ve gotten a breakthrough because your "advice" makes sense. But in their reality, the lesson they’re meant to learn will cycle back up in a different setting until they finally learn (in their own perfect way) what they’re meant to.

You know this to be true.
So, how do you get your clients to transform from the inside out without repeating the same old cycles?

How do you guide them to find their own way rather than giving them advice?

We'll give you a brief how-to summary...
FIRST, you lead them to THE PLACE that holds all their limiting beliefs, stories, perceptions, preferences, and purpose. THEN, you guide them into creating the new direction which is in alignment with their soul mission.
Where is this PLACE you’re guiding them to?



Here's exactly what you can expect in the training:


Our Heartled Message To You...

We know you're out there shining light for so many already. We see you and we thank you for your commitment to your work of service.

But human kind is evolving and people are craving a new level of freedom. Humanity is longer satisfied with improving jobs, social status, relationships, or workout routines to keep them happy.


The collective knows it's deeper than that. And they're craving a way to finally get rid of their pain so they can live with more freedom and inner peace.

You know this. You're probably here because you have a deep calling in your heart, telling you that there's a better way to really help people.

That there's a better way to live.

That’s actually why we're writing this today.

There’s no short of suffering on this planet. People are awakening to false conditioning and societal programming, and they’re craving the ability to feel freedom from limiting beliefs, self destructive habits, and poor thought patterns.

It’s a beautiful and necessary time for the collective. But we need more coaches and leaders trained in the ability to safely navigate clients to the breakthrough they deserve. 

It's more important than ever to rise into this new level of service.

We need you.