Weekly Sunday Evening Activation. Gather with the tribe every week to receive a guided activation that will support you in aligning with your higher self, raising your vibration, and integrating emotional healing. Open to all.

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Surrender To A Fully Guided Activation 

Whether you've experienced guided meditation-activations or not,  if you have an open heart you're in the right place.

Certified Subconscious Mind Coaches

Feel good sinking into the trust that you're in expert hands. All Heartled Leaders guides are certified subconscious mind and meditation coaches.

Where Lone Wolves Leave With Soul Tribe

By sharing deep and enriching experiences with others it's hard not to breed deep connections and become a unified tribe.

Single Activations $22
 When You Join The Mastervibe

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Secure Your Sacred Seat

Join Kateryna Shushval as she guides you through the I’m-Possible for mindset reframing, manifesting, & empowerment. During the activation you can expect to be fully guided in Breathwork, Meditation, & Journaling. You don’t need prior experience to participate.

Prior to the call please find a sacred quiet space, please turn the camera on and audio off, and we recommend wearing headphones. You will be emailed zoom link access after purchase via email.