Your Spiritual HeartQuarters and secret key to staying high vibe no matter what.

It's fun to consume spiritual entertainment and talk about raising consciousness.

Want to know what's better?


Walking the walk.

And learning to stay on the path and have fun while doing it.

In every Heartled vortex you'll receive practical ways to live with more freedom, inner peace, soul-tribe connection, abundance, joy, and purpose in your life.

Put simply, you'll receive the keys to staying high vibe no matter what.

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Hello Beautiful Souls,

We're your fierce leaders, Monica Adams and Sarah Cirigliano. We're spiritual coaches, quantum healers, subconscious mind experts, and your humble guides here at Heartled Leaders.

Combined we have 13+ years of coaching experience, are trusted mindset coaches to 100+ of today's leading conscious entrepreneurs through the Leaders Create Leaders movement, and we built our own coaching business to six figures in under six months. (Grounding spiritually gifted ideas into a container that flows in financial abundance is something we love teaching people how to do).

Maybe you found us through social media, vibed with a couple posts, and decided to check out what we do. We thank you for trusting your gut instinct to follow us, to click further, to keep reading, and to get to this point. And now that you've entered into the Heartled vortex, we hope you can feel the power behind the words when we say this -> WE GOT YOU.

We live, breathe, and embody this work, and have just as much of an insatiable desire for growth and learning as you (that's how we bring so much fun & joy into all we do). We know that a life filled with more freedom, inner peace, abundance, soul-tribe connection, joy and passion is right around the next bend for you. And the fact that you've been drawn to this page, and have read all the way to this paragraph, is enough of a sign to know that IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO QUANTUM LEAP FORWARD WITH US.

We welcome you with open hearts, and we are honored to serve you on your journey...

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Get the free guide to optimize your affirmations and quantum leap into them. This guide was created using the best neurolinguistic, subconscious mind, and manifestation tactics. It will give you everything you need to create affirmations that actually work.

How You Can Enter Into The Heartled Leaders World

There are three different ways to enter into the Heartled Leader's world:

The first is perfect for those of you who have an aptitude for learning about mindset, spiritual, and emotional mastery, and have a desire to MasterVibe with a soul-tribe. If that sounds like you, then the Heartled Leaders MasterVibe is the vortex you'll fall in love with.

The second is for those of you who have a deep desire to help others. You might be feeling like it's time to rise into leadership and your work of service. Or, you might already be in a work of service and want to expand your skillset. If that sounds like you, our Subconscious Mind Coach Certification Training is the vortex for you.

The third is for those of you who are interested in a taste of what it is to be a part of Heartled Leaders. Here, you can enter into one of our weekly Heartled Activations for a one-time fee.

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What People Are Saying About The Training

Watch the below video to hear what people are saying about the subconscious mind coach certification training


"This is so much more than a certification training. It is the epitome of love, support, community, and knowledge."

Maria Mero
Transformative On All Levels

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